EntryManager makes creating competition entries and cards easy and quick.

EntryManager is an easy to use system which significantly reduces the time and effort required to create entries and cards for trampoline competitions. Using information about the competition, athletes and past entries,  it ensures athletes are entered in the right grades and their cards are completed correctly.

Once ready to send, the completed entries and cards can be saved electronically and emailed to the competition organiser where they can be imported directly into the ScoreManager programmes.

EntryManager can be used for all of the trampoline disciplines: individual and synchonised trampoline, double mini trampoline and tumbling.

Introducing EntryManager

Key Talking Points about EntryManager


  • creates entries and cards quickly and easily
  • easy set up with customised data packs to configure the programme to local requirements
  • entries and cards can be copied from past competitions
  • creates all files needed by competition organisers
  • send entries and cards to competition organiser
  • interfaces with ScoreManager to ease the process of organising competitions


  • rapidly create entries singly or in large groups
  • easily see athletes who have already been entered and their grades
  • check entries automatically against any age and gender restrictions
  • dynamically create new athletes when creating their first entry
  • copy entries from past competitions
  • add athletes from other clubs for synchronised pairs


  • create cards using descriptive names or FIG notations for skills
  • easily see which athletes already have cards for the competition
  • copy cards singly or in bulk from past competitions
  • copy cards from one athlete to another
  • automatically insert compulsory or common routines into cards

EntryManager Download Files

 Current version

(v 1.1.1)

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