Downloading and Installing Score Manager

Downloading ScoreManager

Select which file you want to download and then click on the button to start the download process. 


(v 3.1.2)

What's New

Version 3.1.2 fixes a specific problem where all the judges' scores were not shown on the long form results for double mini grades.

Version 3.1.1 introduces the ability for recorders to add execution scoring lines for routines scored using the Score by Skill methodology. This feature will enable the competition to continue without interruption where an athlete's score could not be entered for some reason. Recorders will be able to add, delete or edit execution marks at a later time without having to re-open the judge's scoring screens. 

Version 3.1.0 continues to refine these changes to further improve the programme.

Version 3 is a major update to the ScoreManager programme with significant changes being made to the way the programme is licensed and to the score by skill method of scoring competitions.



(v 3.1.2)

What's New

Version 3 is a major update to the ScoreManager programmes.

This version of PanelRecorder matches the  ScoreManager programme.


(v 3.0.0)

What's New

Released for the first time, PanelJudge makes scoring by skill a reality in ScoreManager.

Using Windows laptops, judges use an intuitive input screen to input and save their marks. The screen used by the judges is controlled by the panel's recorder by way of a screen which shows the judges and the execution marks they have entered for each skill.

Different screens are provided for difficulty and displacement judges. Time of Flight and Chair penalties can be entered through the recorders screen.

Oversize numbers makes the recorder's screen easy to read and Panel Chairs can stand comfortably when reviewing an athlete's marks

who can open, save and edit the marks entered by the judges if required. Oversize numbers means panel Chairs can easily read the


(v 3.0.0)

What's New

Version 3.0.1 fixes a bug which prevented a summary of an athlete's scores being displayed.

Version 3 is a major update to the ScoreManager programmes.

This version of the upload progamme, UploadManager, enables it to work with the new ScoreManager.



What's New

Version 3.0.1 fixes a bug which prevented a summary of an athlete's scores being displayed.

Version 3 is a major update to the ScoreManager programmes.

This version of the upload progamme, UploadManager, enables it to work with the new ScoreManager.


(v 1.3)

What's New

There are two new features in this update along with a new data pack, and host of improvements to existing features. The new features are

  • the ability to add information about coaches and the grades they will be coaching during the competition.
  • automatic checking for new data packs each time the programme is updated. There will be no more worrying about whether you have installed the latest pack or not.

The new data pack included in this update, covers all the changes and requirements of the new Gymnastics NZ Handbook for 2023. If you already have a previous version of EntryManager installed, the update process will ask you to install the new pack during the update. So please watch out for this.

For those of you new to EntryManager, the new data pack will appear in the wizard which helps you set up EntryManager for the first time. If you are in New Zealand please use the data pack option to configure the programme for use.

All of your existing data on athletes, judges, entries and cards will be kept during the update. However if you copy entries from a past competition, the two extra grades in the FIG division will require you to adjust the copied entries to fit the new grades.

The most visible change you will see in the new programme is the menu items on the first page have moved around a bit to accommodate the ability to include coaches in the files sent to competition organisers. Otherwise all of the screens you use are unchanged.

The short video guides in the Support section of this website are still relevant so please have a look at them if you are unsure on how the programme works.

ScoreManager User Manual

Installing Score Manager

If you have ever installed a programme on your computer then you already know how to download and install ScoreManager and its extensions.

ScoreManager & Extensions use a customised installer to guide you through the installation process and ensure the programmes are installed successfully.

The simple steps involved are : –

  • select the file you want from the download links above
  • download and save the file on your computer
  • if you chose –
  • an EXE file then double click on the downloaded file
  • a ZIP file then double click on the file to unzip it to a folder on your computer and then double click on the file called Setup.exe that you will find within that folder
  • follow the prompts shown by the installation programme once it has started

The EXE file is definitely the easier but some anti-virus programmes will not let save EXE files downloaded from the internet. Try downloading and using the ZIP file if this happens to you.

Microsoft Access

ScoreManager and its extensions require an appropriate version of Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Access runtime, to be installed on your computer. However the installation programme will check for this automatically and prompt you to download and install the correct files if needed.

If you already have Microsoft Access 2007 runtime on your computer please uninstall the runtime programme before installing ScoreManager. In general any programmes which used the Access 2007 runtime will work just the same when using Access 2010 runtime. However if you find difficulties with your other programmes you may need to consider installing ScoreManager on another computer.

Starting and Running ScoreManager

ScoreManager and its extensions are started by either double clicking on the programme icon on your desktop or by clicking once on the programme name in your Start Menu. 

However you will see a difference between the way ScoreManager starts and the way DisplayManager and PanelRecorder start. Also you will see a difference between the way ScoreManager starts the first time and how it starts after you have created your first competitions.


First Run

The first time that you start ScoreManager it will automatically create a temporary or trial licence for you. This trial licence is for you to have a look around and decide if ScoreManager is right for you and your organisation. We hope that it is!

During the period of this trial licence you will be able to access and use all of ScoreManager’s functions and features. Any competitions, athletes, entries, etc. which you may load in to ScoreManager during this time will be kept and still be there when you move on to a full licence.

Before Your First Competition

Each time it starts ScoreManager will ask whether you want to set up a new competition or open its Settings menu so that you can configure the settings for your competitions and create any Standard Grades. Both of these things are covered in depth in the User Manual.

Once you have created your first competition ScoreManager will go directly to the main menu without this reminder.

DisplayManager, Panel Recorder, UploadManager and PanelJudge

Both the DisplayManager, PanelRecorder, UploadManager and PanelJudge programmes start a little differently to the main ScoreManager programme.

Before their main screen opens they will ask you to find and link to the ScoreManager data file which has the information about the competition they will be working with. They do this because none of them have their own data file and rely on the ScoreManager data file to hold the information they need to do their jobs.

The file you need to find  is called ScoreManager_Data and will be in the folder  C:/OutBounce/ScoreManager/ScoreManagerData on the computer which has ScoreManager installed.

If you are running the any of these programmes from another computer you will find this file in the shared folder ScoreManagerData in the Network section of your File Explorer under the name of the computer with ScoreManager installed.