ScoreManager licences are tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of each club or organisation using our software. They are designed to be a flexible as possible and their cost is arrived at through discussion with the buyer.

The factors we taken into consideration include

Licence Documents

  • the length of the licence period – usually 6 or 12 months
  • how many clubs are covered – single and multiple club licences are available
  • which ScoreManager extensions are required by the club
  • an estimate of the number of competitions and entries
  • other circumstances which may be particular to the club or organisation

To get more information and a quote for your club or organisation, please get in touch at [email protected] or through our Contact Page

All licences include :-

  • unlimited number of competitions
  • unlimited number of entries
  • free PanelRecorder
  • free DisplayManager *
  • multiple scoreboard layouts *
  • free template to gather entries from other clubs
  • import entries directly from entry template
  • free updates
  • fast email support

* only one scoreboard layout can be displayed at a time unless a licence for the full DisplayManager extension is purchased.