ScoreManager provides everything needed to run your competition

ScoreManager provides all of the functionality needed to score and manage your trampoline and tumbling competitions. It meets the requirements of the 2017-2020 FIG Code of Points for individual, double mini and synchronised trampoline as well as tumbling, ScoreManager can be used for any level of competition from recreational to national events and for any size competition from very small to very large.

ScoreManager works by breaking down the competition process in to three main stages: Before, During and After the Competition. At each stage its straightforward menus and screens show you what needs to be done at that point in the competition. Information screens, a well structured work flow, extensive help manual and attention to detail mean that you will quickly master the process of running effective competitions.

Under the hood however, ScoreManager provides the flexibility and power to customise nearly every aspect of the competition to meed your needs.

ScoreManager Main Menu
Main Menu
ScoreManager Menu - Before the Competition
Before Competition
ScoreManager Menu - During the Competition
During Competition
ScoreManager Menu - After the Competition
After Competition

New users are able to quickly master the Competition Dashboard and Scoring Screens while past users who may only involved in occasional competitions will find they rapidly return to running the programme again with confidence.

Focused on being easy to use, ScoreManager does not need lots of computer hardware, complicated networks etc.. It can be installed and configured without the need for advanced computer knowledge. It’s simple hardware requirements allows you to run small to medium competitions from a single laptop or computers.

ScoreManager has been designed by experienced competition organisers with many years of involvement in local, regional, state, national and international competitions. Their knowledge and experience means that ScoreManager will be a robust platform for all of your competition needs into the future.

Key Talking Points About ScoreManager

  • easy to set up and install
  • needs only basic computer equipment for small to medium competitions
  • user friendly interface and structure
  • comprehensive help system
  • new competitions do not need to be setup from scratch each time
  • one touch creation of grades (eg age groups) for new competitions by using pre-set values for description, gender, age etc.
  • settings for age, gender, Time of Flight, displacement etc. can be different for each grade
  • entries from multiple clubs can be imported in a single file
  • entries can be automatically checked for any gender and age requirements
  • entries and judging panels can be quickly created using data saved from past competitions
  • results can be printed as PDF files for distribution by email or posting on the web.
  • results can be exported to Excel and CSV files for analysis
  • multiple competitions can be saved within the same data file
  • Scoremanager’s core set of features can be extended through additional components




Scoring the Competition

Judging Panels


Configuring Competitions and Grades

ScoreManager Settings

Working With Saved Data